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      Fabrication Capabilities

      Shenzhen Grande Electronic offers Printed Circuit Board manufacturing, providing high quality and compitive price of Printed Circuit Boards(PCB). No matter what it is a single board for prototyping or mass production, Grande is able to meet your PCB fabrication needs in a variety of materials and technologies. Furthermore, we still focus on multi-layer printed circuit boards, impedance controlled circuit boards and HDI PCBs in varying complexities. If you are interested in it, just feel free to contact us and get your PCB Quotation!




       Technical Capability: 
          ?  Layers: 1-30 layers 
          ?  Max Size: 650*1100mm 
          ?  Min line Width/Space: 3/3 mil 
          ?  Min Hole Size: 4 mil  
          ?  Max copper thinkness : 7oz 

      PCB Materials: 
          ?  FR-4
          ?  High TG FR-4
          ?  PTFE
          ?  Aluminum Base
          ?  Rogers
          ?  Specialized material per your request

      Solder Mask: 
      Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue and so on

      Surface Treatment: 
      HASL,  Immersion Gold, Gold Plating, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP and etc.

      Inspection Methods:
      100% Visual inspection, Electrical testing , Flying probe or Nails Bed, Sample lot inspection, Cross sectioning.
      Lead Time:
      Fast Prototype : 24 Hours
      Standard Prototype: 3-7 Days

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